Photo by Damian James

In the Shadows of Paradise

By Damian James aka Gringo With a Green Bag The fog was thick on this day. Usually one can observe some detailed contours of this large, rugged rock in the middle of the ocean from either of the neighboring islands of Maui, Oahu, or Lanai. But my…

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“A journey through the Cook Islands” by Damian James (Gringo With A Green Bag)

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The Beach Body Clinic of Long Beach Building a Better Body

Emotional and physical well-being can hardly be separated. Living an active lifestyle has everything to do with one’s level of fitness and health. Having the right kind of fitness routine is well known to boost immunity, energy, mood, and it also helps in having better…

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FAT BOY 5K The Sequel & Fat Boy 10K

Whether your goal is to set a new personal record, or just to make it to the finish line and earn your first medal, the Fat Boy 5K  or 10K is the race for you. Dozens of  Simone's Donuts, the best in Lomy Beach at…

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