Weekend: 50 shades of... Gray nail polish? Yes you read right. This season’s beauty trend is Gray! Gray! Gray! Glitter nails are also a hit for the holiday season. I still see the trends being 4 fingers in one color and 1 finger in another color. Ombre nails and the inverted French manicure are also hot.

Weekday: Beauty Queens have chosen their on stage polish to be a clear or natural polish. I personally like Essie’s Mademoiselle, Topless and Barefoot, Sugar Daddy, and Starter Wife. Opi has some nice colors as well such as Funny Bunny and Mod About You.

Nighttime hair: Glamorous hair is always in! typically anything goes when it comes to hair. You can go for sophisticated bun ala Audrey Hepburn or you can play it flirty with big curves/wavy ala Gisele Bundchen.

Daytime hair: I’m seeing a lot of messy buns and natural hair. I think women are playing down their hair to achieve a younger look. I’m seeing a lot of Ombre and Balyage hair which can look gorgeous if done right. Girls that are naturally dark skinned with dark hair should keep to a dark blonde addition such as highlights or ombre. Nothing looks tackier than a girl with jet-black roots and a platinum blonde mane. Same concept goes for blondes; nothing looks tackier than dark hair on platinum regrowth! Typically, when a girl does something drastic to her hair it’s usually to deter away from a recent plastic surgery. I tend to notice that trend even in girls as young as 18!

Nighttime makeup: I don’t think I need to point out the obvious when I say RED/PINK LIPS for on stage performance! Ladies we all know that the judges tend to focus on a beautiful smile so naturally a blue-red lipstick (brings out those pearly whites) is a must have. Eyes need to be played up as well but I don’t suggest black. Instead of black kohl opt for a midnight blue liner/mascara. It wont look as drastic and is equally beautiful when done right!

Daytime makeup: I like simplicity and tend to gravitate to baby doll colors such as pink or peach for the cheeks, light eyeliner/mascara, clear lip-gloss by day, and a pop of lip color by night.

Remember… prime the face with a primer and follow up with a setting spray (Non-Comedogenic)

Ladies I cannot stress how important it is to take care of your skin!
Do get Facials, Chemical Peels, and Microdermabrasion to keep your skin glowing. Remember to exfoliate; I don’t mean using a harsh face scrub as this will only do more damage to your skin. Instead, buy a pack of facial sponges and use a mild cleanser according to your skin type. DO NOT use harsh cleansers! It took me years to realize that keeping your skin PH level is crucial and that anything out of the norm tends to make it flare up. Your skin should be between the PH level of 4.5-5.5, anything higher is more alkaline and anything lower is more acidic.

Oily skin tends to break out quicker but is more youthful. Use a gel/foam cleanser. Rose Water or Witch Hazel is preferred when shopping for Toners. Light moisturizer that is water based is recommended.

Dry skin needs to constantly stay hydrated and literally sucks up all your moisturizer in a matter of 15-30 min. A cream/milk cleanser is recommended and do keep a mini moisturizer or moisturizing mist in your bag. Oil based moisturizer is recommended.

Combination skin is probably the most tedious of the bunch. Use a mild cleanser (cream/gel/foam). Toner should be applied to oily areas only and moisturizer should be applied to dry areas.

Yael Markovich is a pageant titleholder, licensed Aesthetician, and Beverly Hills spa owner. She represented Israel in both the Miss International 2012 pageant and Miss Supranational 2011 pageant. Yeal covers all the latest trends in Beauty and Fashion. 

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